Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mini-Reviews....again and again and again….

The Avengers
Sorry I still haven’t seen it yet and I refuse to review it.
Even though I love Mark Ruffalo I –
(am still conflicted tho….)

It was sure nice to see a movie that was dark and negative and smart. I think when it’s all over it’s kind of about a straight white man who is misunderstood (as so many straight white men are? Um….really? ) and that kinda bugged me.

Um this movie was very witty visually dialoguewise especially the first half and there are a bunch of quite cute men in it who get naked a lot but I’m really scared of what is going to happen when the Americans remake it and take out all the kinky sexy stuff and the violence turns mean instead of funny cartoony and there are good guys and bad guys instead of a bunch of screwed up people and the moralistic ending becomes probably all about family and babies which it already is a bit dangerously already…..
Oh well.

(I know it’s a play but Kathleen Turner was in it so I’m going to pretend it was a movie) I just have one thing to say. Wow! The actor playing the tortured young gay drug addict shaved his balls! Does this signal a trend?

Sound of My Voice
Kinda interesting but I fell asleep. I guess cults are kinda boring.

Think Like A Man
I am really happy to see a movie that makes fun of Tyler Perry who is kinda the Brent Hawkes of black politics; trying to make everything that is weird and fun about black culture just normal and boring.