Monday, 30 April 2012

Mini-Reviews, Yet Again....

Dansels in Distress
This movie is so smart and funny that I can’t handle it. It’s about a bunch of nutty, sexy girls who are out to save the world with perfume and soap. I mean how could any movie be MORE topical than that?

The Deep Blue Sea
What a beautiful failure. It’s just all too slow, but very gay and tragic. And then there’s the Barber Violin Concerto (omg!).

Dumb and boring. Bullying is now politically correct which means nobody really knows what it means but we all say “Yes, bullying is bad.”

The Five Year Engagement / Jeff, Who Lives at Home
Wow again.
Now we have Hollywood movies that are really about something important but pretend not to be. The Five Year Engagement is about a man who has to shape his whole life around a woman’s work schedule and Jeff, Who Lives at Home is about an older lesbian coming out -- but each of these actually very interesting movies has to pretend that they are about dumb things like being engaged for a long time or a 30 year old guy living at home in order to get them made.
Double wow.

Mirror Mirror /21 Jump Street/Lockout
I fell asleep, sorry.