Thursday, 4 April 2013


Three Recent Feminist Films ranked in order of Bestness!

1. Spring Breakers
            How can you not like a movie where James Franco goes down on a gun and
            has so much fun?????

2. Ginger and Rosa
            And it even has Annette Bening as a (probably) lesbian poet being old and
            wearing glasses. So what more do you want?

3. The Call
            The only reason this very suspenseful movie is getting lousy reviews is that
            (spoiler!) the girls win and give it to the guy at the end.  No, really.

(There is however one very un-feminist movie around – GI Joe Retaliation. It has its charm until Channing Tatum gets killed.  I tried to like this one, I really did. But even with the superior popcorn they serve at Empire Theatres (Orville Redenbacher rules!)  it was impossible. I do have one thing to say though. The absolutely scariest 3-D effect I’ve ever seen is when they ask you to recycle your glasses before every 3-D movie! It’s like the recycling symbol is going to leap off the screen and kill you! I find that very scary and thrilling! I nearly jump out of my seat every time I see it!)