Thursday, 7 February 2013

A mini-list of mini-early Feb reviews

(I’ll catch up later in the month, watching
movies early in the New Year is like watching
somebody take out the trash….)

Movie 43
Wow. This was truly worth the price of admission. Not since ‘The Groove Tube’
(google it!) have so many talented actors been so publicly embarrassed. ‘The Groove Tube’ just had an upside down talking penis, but this one has…(wait for it!)…testicles on Hugh Jackson’s adams apple! I’ve always been a fan of testicles, and a fan of Hugh Jackman! So I found all of this quite appealing!
Be there or be square!

A Royal Affair
Considering the drek I had to sit through last month, at least, well, I learned something.

Warm Bodies
This movie got 77% on Rotten Tomatoes. Well I watched 77% of it and fell asleep. (The cute boy didn’t even take off his shirt!) Big question: Who’s Paying Off Rotten Tomatoes? Cuz they sure ain’t actually reviewing this shit. They are PROMOTING it!

N.B. Please watch this vid: