Saturday, 14 March 2015

Fuck You, Disney!

I’ve had it with this crap. Little girls lined up in front of me at a restaurant dressed in their Cinderella gowns. Makes me want to throw up.
Don’t you see what’s going on here? There's no going back. Disney has decided, because it makes them a lot of money, that all little girls must be blonde and pretty and feminine and love blue sparkly dresses. If they don’t they don’t deserve to be called little girls anymore.
And what if you’re a little girl and you hate Cinderella and you’d rather wear construction boots and play with trucks?
Or worse yet; what if you’re a little boy and you really really want to dress up like Cinderella, and you're jealous of all the little girls who get to do it when you don’t?!?!?!?
How are you going to feel then?
You’re going to feel like a piece of shit, that’s what.
Meanwhile thousands of kids in North America are being rounded up by their parents and therapists and diagnosed with ‘gender identity disorder’ (GID) because the DSM (the psychiatrist’s manual) tells us that little girls who don’t act like little girls and little boys who don’t act like little boys are mentally ill and need psychiatric help.
We live in giant gender-fascist state in which children are held hostage because their parents are too lazy to confront big corporations like Disney on the lifestyles they present to their children.
There, I said it.
Do you think I’m exaggerating? Think about it. The whole of the movie industry has become a giant babysitting corporation — most movies are aimed at children or adolescents, and parents welcome the respite from the whiney little buggers — in fact they are so grateful that they don’t seem to care what their children see, or what kind of role models they are digesting. They are so eager to get those kids off their backs that they would send them to see anything.
Any piece of warmed over SHITE like Cinderella.
Yes, I blame parents.
Yes I do.
And don’t believe these dumb reviewers like the one I saw on CBC the other day (you know — the idiot with the bow tie?) who was going on about how ‘there’s a twist in this Cinderella.’ There’s no fucking twist. I haven’t seen the movie but I don’t need to. It’s like Frozen. I was talking about that piece of crap with the female students in my university class and they were all mesmerized by it. I’d only seen the cloying nauseating video of the Frozen song, not the movie. (I refuse to see that dumb flick.)  “Oh the movie’s not sexist! “ They told me. “The girl is really independent and she doesn’t want to get married or anything she just wants to make sure that her sister doesn’t marry the wrong guy.” Oh I see, the leading lady doesn’t want to get married herself, so that’s supposed to redeem the movie, even though it’s all about her sister getting married? Really?
I don’t care about any supposed twists in this so-called ‘new’ Cinderella. It’s the same old crap. It’s just all a gigantic moneymaking venture trying to make a fortune off the backs off your children (and their sanity!). And worst of all — you just don’t give a shit. 
Pardon me but who cares if this Cinderella is  more ‘independent’ than all the other Cinderellas put together? She’s still fucking Cinderella and she’s still too beautiful for words. 
It’s all about infantilizing, belittling, disempowering, and objectifying women. Period.
And we yell about the Muslim Fundamentalists who don’t allow their little girls to read.
What we do is far far worse.
Yes worse!
I know that little faggot reviewer who wears the bow tie on CBC (yes, I used that word faggot -- I am one, so I can use it!)  just wants to BE Cinderella. Which would be fine if he could just be honest about it.
But he can’t, and keep his job.
So there.
I’m hopping mad.
I’m sorry I swore so much — but Jesus Christ!