Saturday, 27 April 2013


The Place Beyond the Pines
It was good and I’m not just talking about Ryan Gosling’s abs and eyes. Though it’s a bit patriarchal (father son shit, not my cup of tea!).

Molly Maxwell
Um……I liked it. Not bad for a Canadian movie. But teachers should never sleep with their students even if they are teaching at a fucking progressive school.

The Company You Keep
Too bad this is such a crappy movie about The Weatherman who by the way were not terrorists but principled left wing radicals who only killed people by accident.

Upstream Color
OMG I’ve never seen such a stupid pretentious piece of boring shit in my life! And Rotten Tomatoes is – like this is so avant-garde and profound! Give me a break emaciated yuppies in skinny jeans fondling flowers and being infested with larvae what does it all mean? IT MEANS NOTHING and I DON’T CARE! Why is it that people go to this horrible shit? Is it because they think it means they’re smart? Aren’t there a whole bunch of TV shows like this with impossible storylines that no one can follow and that actually lead nowhere like THE KILLING, and LOST? Jesus Christ I hated this piece of crap movie. Okay spoiler SHE KILLS THE PIG GUY at the end. But this garbage movie is not over (there are thousands and thousands of blank screen moments when you think and hope and dream it’s over) until the lead girl with the pouty lips and the vacant expression finally gets a new hairdo